Conservatives and liberals and liberalized conservatives

It has long been suspected that if you lie about something long enough, the lie becomes believable. Nowhere is this theory truer than in the sport of politics. In fact, all knowledgeable charmers know of this rule and practice it to sobriety. [...]
Rick Santorum

The Real Reason Sen. Santorum is Under Fire

The hounds have been set loose to nip at the heels of Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), my favorite Senator from my Commonwealth (not much competition, though). He has done the dastardly deed of talking openly about a case involving one of the Great [...]

Original Intent

The Founding Fathers (copyright 1776) produced the US Constitution as the framework of a national federal government. The Constitution was unique at the time because The Framers (copyright 1787) spent a good deal of time and energy analyzing [...]

Don’t Go Near The Water

There is a park within Everglades National Park called Shark Valley. It is a very nice place to see natural Everglades. There is a paved fifteen-mile loop road which may be walked or bicycled and no motorized vehicles are allowed. To elevate [...]
Iraqi Freedom

No Turkey this Easter

Democracy in action is a wonderful thing. Until it gets in the way of American foreign policy. No doubt there is a good deal of chortling and huzzahs in the bowels of the liberal establishment today. The Bush Administration’s attempt to [...]

Whither the Democratic Party?

In recent years, and increasingly so in the current contretemps, the Democratic Party has shown itself to be, in essence, an opposition-only party. Now this may seem natural given the fact that the Republican Party has majority representation [...]
Somali men parade as members of al Shabaab in the capital Mogadishu

Does not the very survival of the West and Christian thought and reason and culture depend?

I read a commentary last week in which the author espoused the view that this is the first war in which not two, but THREE ideologies were competing: Western capitalism, European socialism, and Islamic fundamentalism. The point the author was [...]

Embedding the Press

I give the Pentagon high marks for originality and low marks for practicality on their concept of press relations for the Iraq War. The idea of assigning ie “embedding” reporters in US forces has a certain surface appeal to military [...]

Talking of Turkey

The collapse of our planned northern axis of advance from Turkey represents some interesting challenges to war planners in the Gulf. But some key issues raise interesting questions. Assuming that “the plan” was to offload the 4th [...]

Nothing To Fear But Reality

One of the reasons given for the US not to attack Iraq is the idea that if we do, we will be subjected to a new wave of devastating terror attacks. How exactly would these attacks be carried out? Well, logically one must assume that there are [...]