Enrongate or Dead End Run?

Seems the more I read the less Enron is political. Obviously Mr. Gephardt is reading something other than the normal media reports since Tuesday night he flatly stated; “If the Nation’s largest bankruptcy coupled with a clear example [...]

Principles, Principals and Pay Back

Congressman Henry Waxman has the bit in his teeth. Waxman, famous for his interrogation of tobacco company executives and the man who arguably energized the entire idea of using the tort bar to fleece tobacco companies, creating a diabolical [...]

Differences between men and women

I agree with you on so much that I almost hesitate to keep this one going. However, I believe there is an important point to be made, which perhaps may be of benefit to the thinking processes of some. So here goes: Certainly there are differences [...]

Orthodox Methods

Throughout the history of the 20th century, manufacturers understood the simple concept of economies of scale and volume discounts. If a specific part was needed to manufacture a product, you bought that part in bulk to decrease unit costs. Along [...]

Cost of an Education

There are times when things that I consider self-evident and not worth bringing up. This should be one of them, but given recent events, what is obvious to me doesn’t seem real obvious to others. Just as a little background let me say [...]

POWs – Then and Now

In 1925 E. M. Hemingway published the short story Soldier’s Home. It begins, "Krebs went to the war from a Methodist college in Kansas." In the fifth paragraph he writes of coming home: "His lies were quite unimportant lies [...]
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Fairness: The Argument Not Made

In an article posted, an apparent first-time author at Gigo accused the United States of unfairness in its war with Iraq. Now I will be the first to agree that the United States is not a perfect country, nor is anything in life always fair. [...]

Budget “Cuts”

This from today’s Washington Post on special “Spend more cut less” Socialist E. J. Dionne Jr: “On a nearly party-line vote, the House passed a budget that includes $1.4 trillion in tax cuts, $726 billion of which are [...]

Just Wars

In discussing "Just Wars", Seamus Warren states: "If we have a look at deontological theory, Locke would say that we’ve already violated our ethical position through killing people without just cause. A "pre-emptive [...]

Heroes of the Revolution

‘The Old School House’ is a painting in my living room. It is not modern art and it looks very like an old school house. I bought it from a friend of mine who painted it. Bruce Alan Bradfied Fraleigh grew up in Coconut Grove. His [...]