California Credit Card Harassment Attorney

There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to challenge a credit card lawsuit in California that a credit card company or debt collector has brought against you. The attorneys at Fitzgerald Campbell in California [...]

Orange County, California DUI Attorney

Criminal Defense attorneys may be able to produce favorable results for their clients in California DUI cases by challenging the accuracy of blood alcohol content test results. Late last year, a malfunctioning machine in the Orange County, California [...]

Mesa, AZ Estate Planning Attorney

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Information for Divorcing Parents in San Antonio

When a Child Has Special Needs With the divorce rate among parents of children with special needs at approximately 80 percent, questions regarding child support and child custody for differently abled children are common. Many parents are familiar [...]

Advance Directives Legal Assistance in San Antonio

An Unfolding Texas Case Illustrates the Need for an Enforceable Directive that Addresses Your Full Concerns Relatively few people wish to be kept alive in the event their brain loses its ability to facilitate thought, communication and involuntary [...]