Defenses for New Jersey Sex Crimes

Sex crime criminal charges present unique challenges. Not many other criminal charges incur the societal judgment and embarrassment that sometimes follows a single minor indiscretion that the accused strongly wishes could remain private. Most [...]

Draft a Will in Preparation for the Unexpected

Not enough people comprehend that a Will is one of the easiest (legally enforceable) ways individuals in Nevada and elsewhere can financially safeguard their families following an untimely death. A Will stating which assets go to whom guarantees [...]

California Man Convicted of Homicide Sentenced to 77-Years of Prison

An individual convicted of a 2011 murder in California recently lost what is likely his final appeal. The man was sentenced to 77 years in jail; he was convicted on the following charges: two counts of attempted murder, shooting at an occupied [...]

Military Investigates Alleged Sexual Assaults

Due to two separate military sexual assault cases in 2012 led to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordering a review of the background records of all service members occupying positions of trust, such as sexual assault response coordinators and [...]

Role of Adult Children in Arizona Estate Planning

Though estate planning often feels as if it should be a joint family effort, the person seeking a plan must have private conference time with their attorney. Not only is a private meeting advisable on a personal level, as the attorney can better [...]