Iraqi Freedom

No Turkey this Easter

Democracy in action is a wonderful thing. Until it gets in the way of American foreign policy. No doubt there is a good deal of chortling and huzzahs in the bowels of the liberal establishment today. The Bush Administration’s attempt to [...]

Embedding the Press

I give the Pentagon high marks for originality and low marks for practicality on their concept of press relations for the Iraq War. The idea of assigning ie “embedding” reporters in US forces has a certain surface appeal to military [...]

Talking of Turkey

The collapse of our planned northern axis of advance from Turkey represents some interesting challenges to war planners in the Gulf. But some key issues raise interesting questions. Assuming that “the plan” was to offload the 4th [...]

Nothing To Fear But Reality

One of the reasons given for the US not to attack Iraq is the idea that if we do, we will be subjected to a new wave of devastating terror attacks. How exactly would these attacks be carried out? Well, logically one must assume that there are [...]

In the spirit of truth, justice and the American Way let us lay some “concerns” to rest

Saddam Hussein might deliberately destroy his biological and chemical arsenal so that when our troops arrive there will be no “proof” that he ever had them. Sure, in the mind of the tin foil chapeau crowd this has a certain logic. [...]
Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld during the media available with Ru

Who’s in Charge?

McCaffrey said Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had misjudged the nature of the conflict. Asked if Rumsfeld made a mistake by not sending more troops to start the offensive, McCaffrey replied: "Yes, sure. I think everybody told him that." [...]

The Battle Continues Apace

What’s wrong with your strategy, General? Why hasn’t Saddam Hussein surrendered yet? Why are we taking causalities? You have to admit, being a model Major General these days is tough business. There would be a whole set of new skills [...]

In Sunday’s Outlook Section the op-ed by former Senator Bradley

Certain an opinion not based on evidence or fact. I am amazed at the length that a Rhodes Scholar would go to draw the wrong conclusions from history. In his first "for instance" he states: "To the contrary, it could well become [...]

There have been a number of people worrying about offending the Muslim world

Some suggest we should not move against the Iraqis because our offense would be met with a unified resistance. Back in the ’80s, when Beirut was a hotbed of Islamic thugs, the locals made a mistake. They kidnapped and killed a Russian [...]

Meeting the Conditions of Peace

It appears that many theologians do not accept Michael Novak’s arguments for Just War against Iraq. In at least one case, a theologian regards Novak’s claim — that he is not arguing for a new theory of preventative war — [...]