Three Common White Collar Crimes

What does white collar crime refer to? It refers to crimes which are performed as a way of producing some sort of financial gain with the use of some kind of deception. Oftentimes white collar crimes are committed by people in the world of business, [...]

Can I Sue My Neighbors If Their Dog Bit My Kid?

If your child has been bitten by someone else’s animals, you might want to start looking at your options. In some cases, you might want to consider filing a civil lawsuit against them. Obviously, a lawsuit isn’t going to be the right [...]

What Is Product Liability And Why Should You Care?

Product liability is when the maker or a product or the seller of it is held accountable for any issues. If you place an item with issues into the hands of people and it hurts them, you are held accountable for it. Here’s more on this [...]

Why a Secure Client Portal is Your Firm’s Biggest Selling Point

As a legal professional, your ability to perform for and correspond with your clients lies at the heart of your business. After all, in many cases, clients are literally leaving their livelihoods in your hands. Giving them the opportunity to [...]

Explantion of Maritime Jones Law

When speaking on the subject of maritime law, the Jones Act is in reference to federal statute section 883 46 USC . This act is the one that controls the coast wide trade which takes place with the United States, it also determines what ships [...]
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Here’s What You Should Do If You’re Injured In A Car Accident By An Uninsured Motorist

Being injured in a car accident can be a traumatic experience and it can cause a lot of stress. Being injured in a car accident by an uninsured motorist is even worse. Here’s what to do if you’re injured at the hands of an uninsured [...]
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What is Wrongful Termination?

Many individuals who work hard to earn a living may not realize that they work “at will.” This means they can be fired without good cause, or without any cause at all. While there are legitimate reasons an employee can be fired, [...]
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Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life

Children who are born with significant disabilities or birth defects often experience pain and suffering, and caring for them can be an emotional and financial burden for the parents. Today, medical advances allow medical professionals to conduct [...]
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Why Your Business Needs an Email Policy

In the contemporary workplace, email is an essential and efficient form of communication. Whether it’s used internally among staff members, or for exchanges with vendors and customers, email is a necessary business tool. At the same time, [...]
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The Benefits of Incorporating in Safe Haven States

Many business owners believe it’s best to incorporate in their home state, but there are often business and tax advantages available in other states. In particular, Delaware and Nevada are attractive to those who are looking to form a [...]