Pregnancy Discrimination Still Exists in the Workplace

Earlier this month, CEO of AOL Tim Armstrong made headlines when he said the treatment costs of two employees’ distressed babies were the reason behind the company’s 401K contribution cuts. A 2005 case in which a former Armstrong [...]

Tampa, FL Employee Rights Attorneys

Unemployed Florida residents had to wait more than three months, through the late fall and the holiday season, to be paid the benefits they were owed. This delay, due to to a defective online registration system, effected approximately 10,000 [...]

Miami, Florida and New York City Overtime and Wage Law Attorneys

The attorneys at the Miami, Florida and New York City law offices of Feldman Morgado, PA advocate for employees who have been given misinformation regarding the pay they are owed, or whose jobs have been misclassified, therefore disqualifying [...]

Enrongate or Dead End Run?

Seems the more I read the less Enron is political. Obviously Mr. Gephardt is reading something other than the normal media reports since Tuesday night he flatly stated; “If the Nation’s largest bankruptcy coupled with a clear example [...]