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Testamentary Substitutes

In states that have “elective share statutes,” a surviving spouse is legally entitled to a certain percentage of the deceased’s estate, even if that spouse has attempted to disinherit or to provide a lesser bequest, or gift, under [...]

Draft a Will in Preparation for the Unexpected

Not enough people comprehend that a Will is one of the easiest (legally enforceable) ways individuals in Nevada and elsewhere can financially safeguard their families following an untimely death. A Will stating which assets go to whom guarantees [...]

Role of Adult Children in Arizona Estate Planning

Though estate planning often feels as if it should be a joint family effort, the person seeking a plan must have private conference time with their attorney. Not only is a private meeting advisable on a personal level, as the attorney can better [...]

Begin Drafting Your Estate Plan Today

If you have a family, you should have an estate plan. Even if you are young, namely those under 40, it’s time you start thinking about how you would like your family to handle your assets in the event of an untimely death. Contact the [...]

Advance Directives Legal Assistance in San Antonio

An Unfolding Texas Case Illustrates the Need for an Enforceable Directive that Addresses Your Full Concerns Relatively few people wish to be kept alive in the event their brain loses its ability to facilitate thought, communication and involuntary [...]

Enrongate or Dead End Run?

Seems the more I read the less Enron is political. Obviously Mr. Gephardt is reading something other than the normal media reports since Tuesday night he flatly stated; “If the Nation’s largest bankruptcy coupled with a clear example [...]