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Why New Parents Need an Estate Plan

Becoming a new parent is a life changing experience, and caring for a child is an awesome responsibility as well as a joy. This is also the time to think about your child’s future by asking an important question: who will care for your [...]
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How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Protect Your Estate

There are many circumstances that can impact an estate plan, not the least of which is divorce. While ending a marriage is complicated, it is not only crucial to arrive at a fair and equitable distribution of the marital assets, but to preserve [...]
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How to Leave Gifts to Step-Children

Today, blended families have become increasingly common, and many individuals have step-children, that is, children of a spouse or partner. In situations where step-children have not been legally adopted, however, they do not have a legal right [...]
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Leading Reasons for Medical Malpractice

People who need medical care put their trust in doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. When that trust is violated and a patient is injured because of a medical mistake or incompetence, there may be grounds for a medical malpractice [...]
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What is Nursing Home Negligence?

For those who can no longer care for themselves as they age, it may be necessary to enter a skilled nursing facility. While many seniors receive quality care in these facilities, the elder care system has well documented problems with abuse [...]
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A Primer on Advance Medical Directives

While the main objective of estate planning is to help individuals protect their assets and provide for  loved ones, there are other important considerations, such as planning for incapacity. In short, it is crucial  to plan for the type of [...]
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Real Estate Contracts in a Nutshell

Buying a home typically involves entering into an agreement with the seller and most real estate contracts contain standard terms. However, it is essential to consult with an experienced real estate attorney who can review the contract. Let’s [...]
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How Title Insurance Protects Homebuyers

Buying a home is the single largest investment that many individuals will make which makes it essential for potential homeowners to protect their interests. In particular, it is crucial to ensure that the seller can transfer free and clear ownership [...]
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The Difference Between Equal and Equitable Inheritances

When it comes to estate planning, many individuals believe that dividing assets equally among adult children is the best choice. However, there are situations in which leaving each child the same amount might not be practical. For this reason, [...]

The Top 4 Benefits Of Adopting A Child

A general concern among many infertile couples is to be unable to love their adopted child as much as they would a biological child. What they often overlook is the different and exciting feeling they will get once they become new parents, adoptive [...]