Blue Sky Tax Policy Idea

Consider a given that a progressive income tax is an abomination and counter to the moral foundation of our republic. It treats citizens unequally and provides a means for democracy to enact the old saw about two lions and a sheep voting on [...]

For pondered on New York Times

Welcome to a bit of real life. I assure you that you will enjoy yourself greatly but only if you allow yourself the hereto self-denied luxury of objective and, even more significant, pragmatic reasoning. You should listen to your own advice [...]

The Conservative Guy: Bush at peace: to oppose not appease

There’s a cowboy in the White House with an itchy trigger finger. He’s called Saddam out for a showdown at high noon. "We’re gonna get the guy who tried to kill my daddy", he says. Such is the perception of those [...]

The party of the Not Rich – economic policy

I spent an hour this morning looking up into the sky. It is still blue. Yet my political sense tells me that the world has surely turned inside out. "The party of the Not Rich", aka "the party of the Regular People" (tm John [...]

Saying it does not make it so

If you listen to the bleatings of the Democratic leadership, then you have to believe that George W. Bush has spent the last two years poising the air and water, printing money for his rich friends, slicing the last bits of measly flesh off [...]