Differences between men and women

I agree with you on so much that I almost hesitate to keep this one going. However, I believe there is an important point to be made, which perhaps may be of benefit to the thinking processes of some. So here goes: Certainly there are differences [...]
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Fairness: The Argument Not Made

In an article posted, an apparent first-time author at Gigo accused the United States of unfairness in its war with Iraq. Now I will be the first to agree that the United States is not a perfect country, nor is anything in life always fair. [...]

Heroes of the Revolution

‘The Old School House’ is a painting in my living room. It is not modern art and it looks very like an old school house. I bought it from a friend of mine who painted it. Bruce Alan Bradfied Fraleigh grew up in Coconut Grove. His [...]

Do You Believe in Miracles?

So often here we write about bad news, about mis-handled affairs and morons trying their best to turn this Country into a bunch of weenies like most of Europe is. For once I’d like to share something special with the readers. Most any [...]

Joel Mowbray in the National Review – “Maids, Slaves and Prisoners”

I’m usually pretty hard to disgust. Growing up in the sixties and reaching maturity in the 70s created within me a puke level that was rather high. But Joel Mowbray’s article in the latest issue of National Review, "Maids, Slaves [...]

Friends, Patriots, Countrymen

On Iraq: I find myself befuddled by what I perceive as the Left’s waging a propaganda campaign to discredit the President and the efforts underfoot to remove one who is arguably a mini-Hitler (Saddam) from power. I suppose I’ve lived [...]

Estate tax musing and responses

Rare is the time when my miserable posts inspire contributions from such distinguished brethren. Given that my thoughts on estate taxes resulted in two responses, one would think I had posted my opinion on the merits of 5.56mm bullets over Brother [...]
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Advanced Weapons Foiled Over Targets – March 1943

There is a good deal of frustration around the Headquarters of the Army Air Forces’ 8th Air Force today. In recent classified briefings senior commanders were informed that the German defense forces are employing a new technology to degrade [...]