Just Wars

In discussing "Just Wars", Seamus Warren states: "If we have a look at deontological theory, Locke would say that we’ve already violated our ethical position through killing people without just cause. A "pre-emptive [...]

Don’t Go Near The Water

There is a park within Everglades National Park called Shark Valley. It is a very nice place to see natural Everglades. There is a paved fifteen-mile loop road which may be walked or bicycled and no motorized vehicles are allowed. To elevate [...]

One Piece At A Time – The most complex military operation since the Normandy invasion

What follows is a random collection of thoughts, ideas and comments (A Blog?). I have attempted to hammer them into a coherent essay, but like Churchill’s legendary pudding, it lacks a theme. They are some thoughts and ideas that must [...]

I’m surprised at the lack of activity when the ultimatum expired

I expected the campaign to unfold almost immediately, you don’t get your forces locked and cocked and then sit around in your attack positions. This is exactly the thing that might cause the troops to lose their fighting edge, you can’t [...]

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

While I give the military decent marks for press relations to date, one thing they’ve neglected at their peril is to make clear what they actually mean in some cases. To wit, in military parlance there is a significant difference between [...]

Why space exploration isn’t a public good

After the announcement that Columbia had been lost this morning, I was listening to one of the local talk jockeys pontificating about why space exploration isn’t a public good, and therefore government should not be spending public money [...]

Film about the UN – “How Not to Disarm a Nation”

Remember the Monty Python bit about "not being seen"? I think we could make a similar film about the UN, call it "How Not to Disarm a Nation". Somewhere in the mists of the past I have a memory of a line from a movie long [...]

Islam, the West and the charmer’s stage

Let’s take another critical look at this war against terrorism and the spin about the religion of peace (re: Islam) at least from this, your humble servant’s point of view. When the Vietnam war was raging one single photograph of [...]

Stimulating the Economy (and some odds and ends)

The wisest thing I’ve read so far about the President’s proposal for economic policy is the focus on job creation. I think this is the right way to approach the current challenges, though I fear some of the specifics are not consonant [...]

There is a huge deficit in Washington

And no it’s not the one that’s the result of a gap between revenues and expenditures. It’s the common sense when talking about the deficit, deficit. If the deficit is an impediment to economic growth, then the answer is to [...]