Who Are The Founding Fathers Of The United States?

The term “founding fathers” is thrown around a great deal, whether it be in regards to talking about history or if someone is trying to use history to push their political agenda. However, even with how commonly the phrase is used, [...]

History Of The Bill Of Rights

The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. It was written by James Madison. He did so in response to the urging of a number of states among the original 13 for there to be more constitutional protections [...]

Why Orlando Florida Is Considered By Many To Be The Most Amazing Place On Earth

One of the most amazing places that you can visit in the United States is a city called Orlando. It is located in the middle of the state of Florida. If you have never heard of it before, then you will probably heard of many of its most popular [...]

Looking At Where Marijuana Is Legal In The U.S.

The culture has definitely shifted heavily in the last decade when it comes to marijuana and marijuana use, with the majority of the population in favor of decriminalizing it and regulating it as opposed to going on with the current federal [...]

Ten Common Construction Site Accidents

Being a construction worker is an extremely dangerous job. In 2010 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that due to construction site accidents, there were 774 deaths, this accounted for 18% of all fatalities which took place on the job that [...]

Ridesharing – Who’s Liable When There’s An Accident?

The two primary ridesharing services in America are Lyft and Uber. These services have exploded over the last couple of years. They are popular, providing customers a less expensive and often, more comfortable ride. The services are convenient, [...]

What Is Distracted Driving And How To Avoid It

Distracted driving is when you use a device or anything else that takes your attention off of the road. People die and get hurt every day because of people being distracted on the road. To avoid this and to know what happens if you get in an [...]

Orthodox Methods

Throughout the history of the 20th century, manufacturers understood the simple concept of economies of scale and volume discounts. If a specific part was needed to manufacture a product, you bought that part in bulk to decrease unit costs. Along [...]

Cost of an Education

There are times when things that I consider self-evident and not worth bringing up. This should be one of them, but given recent events, what is obvious to me doesn’t seem real obvious to others. Just as a little background let me say [...]

POWs – Then and Now

In 1925 E. M. Hemingway published the short story Soldier’s Home. It begins, "Krebs went to the war from a Methodist college in Kansas." In the fifth paragraph he writes of coming home: "His lies were quite unimportant lies [...]