Ridesharing – Who’s Liable When There’s An Accident?

The two primary ridesharing services in America are Lyft and Uber. These services have exploded over the last couple of years. They are popular, providing customers a less expensive and often, more comfortable ride. The services are convenient, [...]

What Is Distracted Driving And How To Avoid It

Distracted driving is when you use a device or anything else that takes your attention off of the road. People die and get hurt every day because of people being distracted on the road. To avoid this and to know what happens if you get in an [...]

Orthodox Methods

Throughout the history of the 20th century, manufacturers understood the simple concept of economies of scale and volume discounts. If a specific part was needed to manufacture a product, you bought that part in bulk to decrease unit costs. Along [...]

Cost of an Education

There are times when things that I consider self-evident and not worth bringing up. This should be one of them, but given recent events, what is obvious to me doesn’t seem real obvious to others. Just as a little background let me say [...]

POWs – Then and Now

In 1925 E. M. Hemingway published the short story Soldier’s Home. It begins, "Krebs went to the war from a Methodist college in Kansas." In the fifth paragraph he writes of coming home: "His lies were quite unimportant lies [...]

Just Wars

In discussing "Just Wars", Seamus Warren states: "If we have a look at deontological theory, Locke would say that we’ve already violated our ethical position through killing people without just cause. A "pre-emptive [...]

Don’t Go Near The Water

There is a park within Everglades National Park called Shark Valley. It is a very nice place to see natural Everglades. There is a paved fifteen-mile loop road which may be walked or bicycled and no motorized vehicles are allowed. To elevate [...]

One Piece At A Time – The most complex military operation since the Normandy invasion

What follows is a random collection of thoughts, ideas and comments (A Blog?). I have attempted to hammer them into a coherent essay, but like Churchill’s legendary pudding, it lacks a theme. They are some thoughts and ideas that must [...]

I’m surprised at the lack of activity when the ultimatum expired

I expected the campaign to unfold almost immediately, you don’t get your forces locked and cocked and then sit around in your attack positions. This is exactly the thing that might cause the troops to lose their fighting edge, you can’t [...]

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

While I give the military decent marks for press relations to date, one thing they’ve neglected at their peril is to make clear what they actually mean in some cases. To wit, in military parlance there is a significant difference between [...]